At The End of The Day…

At the end of the day I’d have to say that I am really thankful I got this class.  At first I was weight listed for this class and wasn’t sure I got it. In the end I did and not only did it help me with “art,” but it helped me understand the perception of things. The chair, for example, helped me realize that one chair can look so different when looked at from different angles. Also, the animal project was so intriguing ! The movie was awesome first of all, and the outcome of the projects were spectacular! I can’t believe that they were made form scraps and garbage! We all were able to be so creative with coming up with problems to solve, animal names, and the 3D design itself! But, I’d have to say that the final project was the most experiential art project I’ve yet to do. It combined my two biggest struggles: drawing people and looking at myself. I didn’t think this project would drain me nearly as much as it did. It ended up being something I wasn’t proud of, but I was proud of the fact that I could admit to what I had done wrong in the project. This class was truly an amazing experience and my all time favorite part was getting to know some of the girls in our midnight slam to get our final portraits done. We all sat around drawing, complaining, and telling each other stories, it was really really fun! So, thank you for making this class something I looked forward to going to, and for a class I feel like I can leave saying I learned valuable things to soon be applied to the rest of my life.



Oh where to get started on this final! It was maybe, no definitely, the most challenging art project I have ever done. There were so many challenging things to it. The fact that it was done with an eraser was so restricting. If you wanted to make the slightest change, it required so much work! The shadowing of the light was really hard to catch sometimes. I think what I struggled the most with was that it had to be a self portrait.  In order to draw the portrait, we were required to look at ourselves in the mirror for a long time: something I don’t do well with. In the end, my drawing looked nothing like me, and I know that is because I wasn’t looking in the mirror to catch my own features. I did exactly what I was told not to, and did most of it by memory and not by what I saw.  In result, I drew a portrait that doesn’t resemble me in the slightest. I did however learn a lot from this project. Although I didn’t look at my face that much, I did look at it enough to realize that my eyebrows are weird, my left eye is further from my nose then my right eye, and that my scar (on my forehead) is more noticeable in the light then I thought. Those little things that I caught onto were displayed in my drawing though. Another thing that I had trouble with was my hair. I have very curly hair and trying to portray that with the very few tools and skills that I have. While I was finalizing my face, I took strips of paper and taped them over the hair because it was making me so frustrated.  In the end I actually ended up cutting the sides of the portrait to take the hair off because it was so drastically bad, but it looked way better after that. So, in the end I drew a girl who looks nothing like me with a scar on her forehead and crooked eyes. If I could go back a re-do this project I would have looked in the mirror a lot more, and more patiently done the hair.

Sheila Pree Bright

Sheila Bright’s projects were absolutely spectacular! I hadn’t ever realized how much a photographer can display the views of society. She started by taking pictures of the gangsters in Atlanta and ended up taking breathtaking photos of women/barbies to make a point. Her photos really surprised me! I actually looked into the change in barbie and how the dolls have changed over the years, and it displays the way stylistic views have changed in society. Through one photo alone, Sheila was able to show that the image of what a girl should look like in today’s society by morphing a real face with a barbies face. I truly appreciate that she has taken all her experiences in life and used them to take shots of things that will impact the minds of society today.

Super Power Animal

My animal is called the Hystericalomorph Cutereus. It is part koala, part porcupine, both of which serve a large function. My animal was deigned to take down racism. You see, coming form Chicago racism was a day to day encounter. It was so natural that nobody thought twice about saying things like the “N” word, or racial jokes. It was always something that bothered me. In fact, in my second year of high school I attempted to change the way people thought by being part of the “human race.” When someone asked me what race I was, or commented on me being white I would say “‘m part of the Human race, aren’t you?” It caught on pretty fast seeing that my school was so small, u=but it didn’t change all the raciest problems in Chicago. This animal will change that! Not only for Chicago, but for the whole world! This animal was designed to eliminated racism. How one may ask? Well, with its amazing koala digestive system it can eat all the poisonous racism! this happens right as the raciest comment comes out of the persons mouth and before the sound hits the ears of the other people. The wonderful Hystericalomorph Cutereus sucks up the racism and digests it into nothing. while this happens the lovely baby inside the koala pouch replaces the racist words into nice words. Yet, this wonderful super animal doesn’t stop there! She pokes her pray (the one saying the racist comment) with her porcupine needles to allow him or her know that they said something wrong. So, she eliminates racism from the world to make it a better place!

My favorite animal out of the class was defiantly the eagle tortes. Not only was the most detailed an intricate animal there, but she had so much passion and care for it! She connected it to her grandfather whom she defiantly loves abundantly! She wanted something to cure his cancer and this beautiful animal was made to do just that! By flying to the caner infected person and giving them a beautiful flower to cure their cancer. Her animal was so beautiful! To think that it was created from trash is crazy! if I hadn’t known the assignment I would never have, in a million years, guessed it was made out of garbage! the wings were so detailed! and they has the three colors to represent the three cultures mixing together. Oh, it was just so wonderful!

I learned so much from this project! we all transformed trash into something that changed the worlds problems! from ocean pollution to turning signals! these projects were absolutely wonderful! I really enjoyed it! also, I learned that you can make anything with a hot glue gun! I think its my new favorite tool! making the 3D projects was A LOT of fun! it’s hard, and you have to be just as detailed, but I feel like there is more room for fixing mistakes. Anyway, I enjoyed this project to the uttermost.

How I feel about this class

To be honest I took this art class because I wanted an easier class in my schedule  because I thought I would need a lot of additional help in Spanish. I almost failed Spanish in high school, and I didn’t want to do it again, but it turns out I’m not bad at Spanish I just had an absolutely horrible high school Spanish teacher! So, as a result, I have a wonderfully easy schedule! Don’t take that offensively thought because your class is not “easy” it’s easy in the good way. It’s stress free, a class I enjoy going to, and actually makes me think outside the box (unlike Spanish). Literally the class had me thinking outside the box! I’ve actually been involved in arts my whole life. You see I wasn’t the smartest kid in the bunch, but I was the most creative. My mom noticed while I was still very young so she had me take pastel and charcoal classes at the community college by my house. I loved these classes! They helped me strive for creativity! After that I took water color, oil painting, pottery, sculpture, and of cores my home made masterpieces! My mom was overwhelmed with my artsy self! I remember when I first learned how to make paper snowflakes! I make at least 200 of them and tied them to strings and taped them to the ceiling of my room and told my mom there was a blizzard in my room! She spent hours pealing that tape off the ceiling! And that’s just one of many stories I have of me being overly creative! Let’s just say I had a wonderful childhood due to art. So to be in an art class makes me oh so very happy! Yet, this is the first art class I’ve ever been restricted. I’ve never had to precisely and perfectly do work like this before. I always did, but I was never asked to. And to be honest I thought that was weird when we first started, but now I understand! With drawing as accurate as we can we can actually see when our eyes and brain are seeing differently! It’s amazing! This art class has been a new experience and I’m so thankful for this new perspective on art.


Before I started:

I don’t know how to do this… If I start at one end do I just keep going? This for two hours….How am I going to do that!? Oh boy.

First hand:

Displaying photo4.jpg

Ok, ok, not too bad. It wasn’t too long and it kind of looks like a hand. Although I did think it was a lot bigger in my head.

Second hand:

Displaying photo2.jpg

Wow, a lot smaller then I thought! It defiantly looks like a penis. you can see where the fingers are, but they over lapped. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I was spacing.

Third hand (Left hand):

Displaying photo3.jpg

Oh boy! This is a lot bigger then I thought it would be! Also, surprisingly, a lot better then I thought it would be. normally whatever I do with my left hand sucks, but this is pretty darn cool.

The Finally:

Displaying photo1.jpg

Wow. This was an experience! I didn’t know I could fit all that on one page! The time went by like nothing! Unlike the chairs I drew I felt a lot more relaxed and free. The first chair was relatively easy because it was small and hadn’t had much detail. The still life chair we drew hurt my back, made me want to die (not really), and could never just be correct! It was much much much more stressful and long. I’m happy we did this today because for a little bit, I hated art. Yet, through all this I not only learned that art is hard, but I learned that there is good and bad to everything, even drawing a chair. I should be too quick to judge, I should let my experience spread past one observation and move on the others before any decisions are made.

Finaly done! (kind of)

Displaying photo2.jpg

Displaying photo1.jpg

When looking at my chair up on the wall with other others I noticed for the first time how light my lines were. almost as if they had been erased so many times and written lighter and lighter just waiting for another mistake to erase again…oh wait! That is why! I noticed that the further I got, the bigger my mistakes became, and the bigger they became the more I had to erase and re-draw! It was a pain, but for sure a lesson to be remembered. I honestly don’t think ill ever draw, let alone look, at another chair without thinking of the hours I spend drawing a half way decent chair. Yet, despite the back pains from standing so long, I surprisingly had a good time.

compared to the other chairs I felt that the angle really made a difference. I almost felt as if some angles were easier to draw then others. I was also extremely impressed with the amount of change made in a two hour drawing time. Mine never drastically changed, but there were some that changed so much I wouldn’t have been able to name who drew them based on when I first saw them. So, I was very impresses. I guess practice, and re-drawing and re-drawing, and re-drawing really works!